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Christmas Tree Cutting

How to Cut Your Tree

General Information

It takes time to choose the perfect tree, cut it and have it processed for you to pick up.  Please allow 2 hours from the time your tree is cut until it is ready to pick up.  The very last wagon ride to the trees is at 5:00.  All tree processing areas will close at 6:00 PM.

There are 3 options to get to the trees:

  1. Take a free trailer ride to the Christmas Trees. Trailers will load behind the big orange roof building.
  2. Ride the Dewville Express train for $4 per person (included with an Activity Day Pass and Trail of Lights ticket)
  3. Take a short walk to the trees. Upon arriving in the Tree Forest, please take a few minutes to attend “Tree School” for tips and instructions for selecting and cutting your tree.

See the map below for locations of the 3 types of trees we offer. Dewberry Farm team members in orange vests can assist you with cutting your tree and bringing it to the nearest pathway.

Bow saws are provided for your use. Be careful; the saws are extremely sharp. (Chain saws, axes and hatches are not permitted) Always cut away from your body and never leave the saw in a child’s possession. You will be charged for any trees you or your children cut down. Only trees with price tags are for sale. Any tree without a price tag that is cut down or otherwise destroyed will have a minimum charge of $200.

Caution: Please watch for tree stumps, holes, fire ants and vines while in the tree area. Please do not allow your children to run through the trees as they could encounter unexpected holes, stumps, or someone carrying a saw. Smoking is only allowed in the parking lots.

How to Cut Your Tree

  • Use the bow saw to cut your tree about 2 to 4 inches above ground level. Have a helper hold the tree straight while it is being cut. If the tree falls over or leans too far before the cut is complete, the tree trunk may split. Cut the tree about halfway from one side and then move to the opposite side to complete the cut. Remember, always cut away from your body. If you would like assistance cutting your tree, just ask one of the farm employees wearing orange vests.
  • Each tree is individually priced with a two-part tag. Write your cell phone number on the upper portion of the tag and leave it on the tree. Remove and keep the lower portion of the tree tag, then take a photo of the tag in case it gets lost.
  • Drag your tree to the nearest pathway, then go have fun! A trailer will pick up your tree and transport it to tree processing while you explore the farm.
  • Please board one of tractor-pulled trailers for your ride back to the main farm area. Once your tree is at processing it will be shaken to remove loose needles and baled with netting to allow for easier transport home. There is no charge for shaking and baling.  We will text you when your tree reaches the processing area.

Tree Drilling

  • If you plan to use a pin-style tree stand, the trunk of the cut tree must have a hole drilled from the bottom. We will do this for free with your tree purchase! Just ask a team member to tie yellow flagging tape on the trunk before it is loaded on a trailer.

Paying for Your Tree

  • Please pay for your tree in the Wreath Barn or the Country Store. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Please pay for your tree and retrieve it from processing before 6 pm.
  • For just $7.50, our independent contractors can load your tree onto a vehicle. Make sure to mention this option at checkout if you’re interested.
  • If you decide to load the tree yourself, rope is provided at no charge.

Tree Pickup

  • The tree pickup station is located just west of the Entrance Barn & Ticket Queue area.
  • When you receive our text saying that your tree has reached processing, please proceed to the Tree Pickup Station with your paid receipt and the lower portion of the tree tag. Your tree should now be ready for loading within 15 minutes.  We suggest parking your vehicle in the north parking lot for easy access to the tree holding area.
  • You are ultimately responsible for assuring the tree will not fall off or out of your vehicle. Depending on how busy we are, the time from cutting to your tree being ready for pickup may vary between one to two hours.

Tree Stands and Wreaths

  • Different types and sizes of tree stands may be purchased at the Wreath Barn or Country Store. All stands come with water containers to keep your tree fresh.
  • Fresh Fraser Fir wreaths and other decorations are also available at the Wreath Barn.
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