Field Trips

We have 3 seasons of educational farm field trips!

Book your field trip now at Dewberry Farm where fun and learning go hand in hand. Students will mix hands-on agricultural learning experiences with good down home farm fun! Field trips to the farm are most popular for Pre K & Elementary school age children. We offer Field Trip dates during our Fall Festival, Christmas Season and Spring Fest.

Fall, Christmas & Spring Field Trips

School Groups

Minimum of 15 participants required. 
Book a reservation for your public or private school group or daycare center.

Homeschool Groups

Minimum of 15 participants required. 
Book a reservation for your Homeschool Group, Co-op School Group, or Play Group.

What's Included:

Field trip admission includes (but are not limited to): Ride the Dewville Express Train, Rubber Duck Races, Fort DewHickey, Pedal Carts, Barnyard, Sliiide Mountain, Giant Roller Slide, Jumping Pillows, Waldo’s Box Car Train, Hay Mountain, Farmer Flinger, Sports Ball Zone, Spider Web, Sound Garden, Human Foosball, Little Farmersville, Tug-o-war, Imagination Choo Choo.
Extras for Fall: Pumpkin Hollar, Corn Maze, school children take home a mini pumpkin (while supplies last).
Extras for Spring: Plant a sunflower seed to take home.

New Policy, effective 1/1/2023:

We require a minimum number of Field Trip participants per day to open the farm for scheduled Field Trips. If the number of bookings has not reached the minimum required by 2 weeks prior to your reservation, your field trip will be cancelled, and we will offer to reschedule your field trip for an alternate day or offer a 100% refund of your deposit.

Admission Fees

Students - $10.00 each
Parents & Chaperones - $12.00 each
Teachers, teacher aides and bus drivers FREE

Note: Homeschool groups will get one free adult field trip admission for every 15 paid participants.

Lunch or Snacks

Lunch is not provided by the farm! Concessions are open for parents and teachers. You are encouraged to bring sack lunches. We have several large pavilions with picnic tables that can be assigned to your group.


We require reservations for all field trips! Also, please notify us of any changes in your reservations prior to arrival. Call 281-934-3276 or email 

Amazingly Corny Fun

Each Fall, we grow about 8 acres of corn with paths carving an intricate maze design. There are learning opportunities for students in the maze (following instructions, navigating skills, etc), as well as the opportunity for exercise and fresh-air fun. Teachers determine whether to include an a-maze-ing adventure for their classes.

Dewberry Farm’s Barnyard Babies 

Our barnyard has grown by leaps and bounds. It’s home to baby chickens (chicks), baby rabbits (kits) and baby goats (kids). Students have the opportunity to feed goats and visit with other animals in the barnyard.

Field Trip FAQs

Why do I have to include parents in my booking when they will be paying for themselves upon arrival at the farm?
We limit our daily field trip attendance to 1400 people.  This includes students, teachers, and parents.  If parents will be visiting the farm with you in any capacity (chaperones, helpers, tag alongs, riding on the bus, driving thier own car, etc), we need them to be included in your reservatation so that we can keep track of our daily attendance.  Knowing how many people will be at the farm is important for our staffing and impacts our decisions whether a concession will be open or not.  Since most field trips are booked far in advance, a good guess on the number of parents is fine when making your reservation and can be updated closer to your visit. The farm is closed to the public on field trip dates.
Are parents and siblings welcome to join our school group?

Yes, we welcome parents and siblings, but it is ultimately up to each school to decide on this. The admission fee for siblings is the same as for the students…$10.00 per person for children age 3 – 17. Parents and chaperones are $12.00 per person. Whenever possible, we ask for the school to collect payments for the parents in advance. If this is not possible, parents may pay at the ticket window when they arrive. Online tickets are not available for field trips. Cash, credit and debit cards, and Apple Pay are accepted for parents & siblings. 

What forms of payment are accepted for field trips?

Dewberry Farm accepts Credit Cards, Cash or school Checks for payment.  We do not accept Purchase Orders or personl Checks. All payments are due when you check-in for your field trip.

Can I add or decrease the number of students after my reservation is made?

Yes, of course. Please call us at 281-934-3276 or email to make changes to your reservation. Please be aware that we often reach our maximum attendance for field trip reservations. Please check with us for our availability before adding new participants to your group.

What is your cancellation policy?

Field Trips may be cancelled 30 days or more prior to your field trip date with no penalty.  A $50 cancellation fee will be applied to any cancellation made within 30 days of your field trip. If you are a no show for your reserved field trip we will charge a $200 no show fee.

Exceptions are made for cancellations due to inclement weather.

Where do we go when we get to the Farm?

The lead teacher should check-in for the entire grade level at our ticket window labeled "Teacher Check-in".

Where should school buses unload & park?

Busses will enter the farm through the Blue gate and then circle around the parking lot to unload students at the big red Entry / Exit Barn.  Buses will then park in the nearby parking lot until departure time and will then pick up students again at the big red Entry / Exit Barn.

Will we have a tour guide?

No. Our field trips are self-guided tours. Each teacher or group leader can decide the order of the activities for their class. A list of available activities will be distributed to your group at orientation.

How do we start off our tour of the farm?

After your group has checked in, each group will meet in our pavilion to listen to a short orientation.  This orientation will give directions to restrooms, rules of the farm, where to meet for lunch, and where to exit the farm, along with other information.

Can we bring coolers?

Yes, you are welcome to bring coolers. They should be unloaded from buses when you arrive and stored along the perimeter of the pavilion you are assigned to for lunch.

Do you require a certain number of chaperones?

No, we do not. Whatever your school policy is will be fine.  All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times (this includes teenagers).

Will Concessions be open for food and drinks?

During our Spring, Fall and Christmas seasons, a concession (TBD) will be open only if our daily attendance reaches 500 or more (which it does most days).  Please call to check.  Concession hours are 10:30 - 1:30.  Concessions are not intended to serve lunch to entire groups of school children.  All children should bring a sack lunch.

Will the Country Store be open?

Yes, Country Store hours are 11:00 – 1:30 each day in the Fall and Christmas seasons. The Country Store will be closed during Spring field trips.

What time do you open / close?

Field trip hours are 9 AM – 2 PM.

Can I bring a stroller or wagon?

Yes, absolutely!

What if rain is in the forecast?

If you are nervous about the weather we will do our best to reschedule your field trip or you can cancel with no penalty. We will post announcements regarding possible closures on our website and Facebook page by 8 AM on the day in question.

Is the farm wheelchair accessible?

Most areas of the farm are wheelchair accessible. The farm has hard, compact, dirt paths which are fine for most wheelchairs. Our train ride is not wheelchair accessible. If you have aides to assist with lifting, students may be transferred from their chair onto the ride when possible.

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