Fall Festival  | Spooky Hollow is now Closed for the season - Returning in Fall 2022

7 Acres of Spooky Trails 

Spooky Hollow, the new Halloween attraction at Dewberry Farm is 7 acres of fascinating walking trails offering three different levels of fright: Friendly, Freaky, and Frightful. 

Open after dark on Friday and Saturday evenings in October beginning on October 2. Included with admission.


3 Levels of Fright

Friendly Trail

The Friendly Trail is well lit, festive and open, located outside the woods with no sudden scares, although some may be heard in the distance, the trail is filled with traditional Halloween scenes, some music and fun photo ops. 

Freaky Trail

The Freaky Trail is more adventurous, located in the middle section of woods with several options back to the Friendly Trail. The Freaky Trail leads to a mesmerizing glow forest with some startles while walking in the midst of disturbed residents such as spell casting witches, runaway broomsticks, captivating spider webs, slithering snakes and creepy crawlers, just to name a few. 

Frightful Trail

For those who dare to enter, The Frightful Trail is located in the darkest, deepest part of the woods and is a bone chilling, no turning back experience. One way in and out, unlit trails have numerous spine trembling startles that grimly lurk throughout an eerie graveyard of dead ends misleading you from the only way out.