About Dewberry Farm

Farms are different things to different people.

Farms come in different sizes with different purposes. Originally the Dewberry Farm land was used for rice production. In 1996 Larry purchased the land for research. In 2002 the land became a place for agricultural entertainment and Dewberry Farm was started. 

Dewberry Farm is our attempt to bring a taste of the farm of past, present, and future to the public of today. Since not everyone has a grandpa or favorite uncle to visit on the farm, we try to bring some of the experience to you. And you don’t even have to clean out the chicken house! 

The founders of Dewberry Farm — Larry and Mary Emerson along with Dan and Myrtle Bradshaw, as well as previous generations have been involved in agriculture. At the end of 2012, Dan retired from Dewberry Farm. 

Each year new activities or experiences are added to the farm, and, of course, a new maze theme is carved out of the eight acres of corn. 

Meet the Farmers

Larry V. Emerson

Larry is an entomologist by training (a bug doctor!) and consulted to rice farmers in the Katy area for many years before becoming involved in the agricultural research business. The 115 acres where Dewberry Farm is located, was originally part of the 2,000 acre L-N Bar rice farm. Larry purchased the land in 1996 and conducted agricultural research from 1997 to 2005 when he decided kids were a lot more fun than writing research papers.

Mary Emerson

Mary is the voice on the phone when you call the farm. She is a strong source of Dewberry Farm information and the coordinator of all school field trips and private functions. Mary is also the driving force behind the farm’s Country Store; she handles inventory purchasing and retail sales. In her spare time, Mary is Dewberry Farm’s bookkeeper and is in charge of keeping Larry pointed in the right direction (sometimes).


The Farmers at Dewberry Farm would like to thank the “real” farmers of the world who endure drought, pests, low prices, government programs and much more to bring food and fiber to every person on this earth. Dewberry Farm’s mission is for the public to share the farm experience and at the same time enjoy some good old fashioned down home country fun!! We welcome your comments about Dewberry Farm and any suggestions you have to make it better.