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Policies & Safety

Farm Policies & Safety

Dewberry Farm invites you and your family to enjoy the fun farm times with us. We strive to offer a fun and relaxing change of pace atmosphere. There are already so many rules in today’s fast paced life, especially with the Coronavirus still around, but here are some guidelines for safety:

  • Face Masks are optional.  We recommend that unvacinated guests continue to wear a mask when social distancing is not possible and when in an indoor area.
  • Please visit the farm another time if experiencing any of the symptoms of the virus.
  • Hand washing areas are provided around the farm, as well as many hand sanitizer stations.
  • We encourage visitors to limit the usage of cash and use credit cards whenever possible.

The general rules for guests are as follows:

  • No pets allowed except for service dogs (emotional support animals are not allowed).
  • Stay on paths in Corn Maze
  • Stay seated on Dewville Express Train.
  • No throwing of corn, pumpkins, clods or rocks
  • No picking the corn
  • No alcoholic beverages or glass containers brought onto the farm.
  • No smoking on farm grounds – Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot.
  • Have a Fun and Safe Time!

Our animals are our pets and we ask that you treat them with the same respect you would give a family pet. Remember they are animals and they may snap back at bad behavior; so treat them nice. We ask that you stay out of their pens unless invited to enter by a farm hand.

Our animals are on a carefully regulated diet.   Coin operated dispensers are available for your purchase of appropriate food. Please do not give the animals any other food.

Visiting the Animal Barnyard

Barnyards by nature are not germ free areas.  While in the barnyard, please use the following precautions:

  • Do not allow children to place their hands or other objects in their mouth
  • Do not eat while in the barnyard
  • Use soap and water to wash hands before leaving the barnyard.

Special Policies for certain activities with age, weight or height  requirements or restrictions:

  • Dewville Express Train Ride – Young children should sit on parent’s lap.
  • Pumpkin Hollar – Young children should be accompanied by parent.
  • Sliiide Mountain – Children aged 3 and under should be accompanied by parent.
  • Mustang Carousel – Parent should stand beside children age 2 and under.  175 pound maximum weight on horses.
  • Jumping Pillow – Parent should supervise children 4 and under.  Parent should not jump with young children as injuries occur from parent landing on their child.  225-pound limit.
  • Pony Rides – Parents should walk beside child on pony.  75 pound limit.
  • Gemstone Mining – Young children should be supervised by parent.
  • Black Hole – Not recommended for children age 5 and younger.  Also, it presents a possible falling hazard for parents carrying children through the Black Hole.
  • Pedal Carts – Children age 3 and under are encouraged to go to Little Farmersville which offers tricycles for children.
  • Ferris Wheel – Young children should be accompanied by parent.
  • Hogs Gone Wild – 175-pound limit.
  • Apple Cannons – Children should be under the supervision of a parent when operating the cannons.
  • Paintball Gallery – Children should be under the supervision of a parent when using paint guns.
  • Whizzer – Children should be able to reach bar.
  • Grasshopper – Children should be able to fit into harnesses.  Parents will help with harnessing under instructions by operators.
  • Flower Garden – Children should receive assistance from parents when handling scissors.

Dewberry Farm has a strict No Pet Policy. 

Service animals are working animals, not pets, and under Federal ADA laws and Texas laws, they are allowed inside the premises.  Emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy dogs are not service animals under Title II and Title III of the ADA and are not allowed into Dewberry Farm. are provided around the farm, as well as many hand sanitizer stations.
Dewberry Farm staff may only ask two questions of a service animal handler:

  • Is this a service animal that is needed for the person’s disability?
  • What task(s) is the animal trained to perform?
  • Service animals must be under the control of their handler at all times.
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