Farm Policies & Safety Information

Dewberry Farm invites you and your family to enjoy the fun farm times with us. We strive to offer a fun and relaxing change of pace atmosphere. There are already so many rules in todays fast paced life so, we don’t want to overwhelm you with rules. However, we do ask a few things of you for your safety and the protection of others.

  • No pets allowed except for service dogs
  • Stay on paths in Corn Maze
  • Stay seated on Dewville Express Train, Wagon Train and Hayride
  • No throwing of corn, pumpkins, clods or rocks
  • No picking the corn
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No smoking on farm grounds  – smoking is only allowed in the parking lot.
  • Have a Fun and Safe Time!

Our animals are our pets and we ask that you treat them with the same respect you would give a family pet. Remember they are animals and they may snap back at bad behavior; so treat them nice. We ask that you stay out of their pens unless invited to enter by a farm hand.

Lulu, our donkey, may even give a little nip if she thinks she should get more attention.
Our barnyard birds are allowed to run free on the farm. Please do not chase them.
The rabbits in Bunnyville are cute and cuddly, but they can scratch.
Gideon Goat and his friends have been known to step on toes! It hurts! 

Our animals are on a carefully regulated diet.   Coin operated dispensers are available for your purchase of appropriate food. Please do not give the animals any other food.

Barnyards by nature are not germ free areas.  While in the barnyard, please use the following precautions:

  • Do not allow children to place their hands or other objects in their mouth
  • Do not eat while in the barnyard
  • Use soap and water to wash hands before leaving the barnyard

Special Policies for parents with children age 2 and under

Parents bringing children age 2 and under should keep in mind some additional policies for the safety of the child and the parent.  Children age 2 and under do receive free admission, but they will have to pay for some of the extra cost activities, if they participate in that activity.  Below is a list of the extra cost activities and our policy as it pertains to a child’s participation.  Families bringing children age 2 and under may receive a copy of these special policies at the time they purchase a ticket or enter through the gate.  If you don’t receive a copy, please ask for one at that time.

  • Dewville Express Train Ride – No, but child must sit in the lap of a paying parent.
  • Pumpkin Hollar – No, but child must be accompanied by a paying parent.
  • Sliiide Mountain – No, but child must go down slide with a paying parent.
  • Mustang Carousel – Yes, parent should stand beside children age 2 and under. No charge for parent.
  • Jumping Pillow – Yes, parent may assist child on the yellow pillow for free. Parent should not jump as injuries occur from parent landing on their child.
  • Pony Rides – Yes, parent should walk beside child on pony. No charge for parent.
  • Gemstone Mining – Yes, parent may assist child. Other bags may be purchased.
  • Black Hole – No, but not recommended for age 2 and under. There is a falling hazard for parents carrying children through the Black Hole.
  • Pedal Carts – Children age 2 and under not allowed.