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Corn Maze

Get Lost in the Corn Maze!

We have an old family tradition (well, it’s 17 years old this year!) that starts in late summer every year with a 8-acre field of corn at Dewberry Farm. We think up a wild design to carve in the corn … and then we hop on our tractors forthwith! When it’s all said ‘n done, we’ve got an amazing labyrinth in the corn field! Miles of trails for you to get lost in! Right turns, wrong turns and U-turns, until you find your way out!

Watch for our announcement on Facebook to reveal the design! And we’ll be putting a map on this page to help you navigate the paths!

CORNundrums … huh? What are those?

Adding to the fun, we have CORNnundrums to tease you with! See if you can find all the signs of these word puzzles (around the farm) and ponder the answers with your friends. CORNundrums are signs with corny phrases, but you have to figure out what they mean; i.e., Honey Comb, Hog Tied, and ??? — but we’re not giving away ALL the answers!

Very Important Maze Rules!

Stay on the Paths (or else — or else the Corn Monsters will get your toes)!
No Picking the Corn.  No Throwing  Corn.

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