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Easter Cascarones

Cascarónes are hollowed-out chicken eggs filled with confetti or small toys. They are common throughout Mexico mostly used during a Carnival holiday, but in Texas and Mexican border towns the cultures combine to make them a popular Easter tradition.

Cascarónes may be thrown or crushed over the recipient’s head, drenching them in confetti. The origin of this tradition was in Spain. When a child would misbehave, a parent would crack an egg over their head as a means of showing disappointment!

In addition to Easter, cascarónes have become popular for occasions such as birthdays, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, Dieciséis, Day of the Dead, and weddings.  Like many traditions in Mexico, cascarónes are increasingly popular in the southwestern United States. They are especially popular during  Fiesta in San Antonio!

Make your own Cascarones

Use a pin or knife to break a hole in the end of the eggshell and pour the contents out. Rinse out the shell and decorate as you’d like. Allowed to dry before filling with confetti, tiny candies, etc. Usually, glue is applied around the outside of the hole and covered with colorful tissue paper.

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