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We’re Hiring

We're Hiring! Dewberry Farm is now hiring seasonal staff for our 2018 Fall Festival and Christmas Seasons! We are looking for folks who ...
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Pumpkin Hollar

Pumpkin Hollar One of the most exciting attractions at Dewberry Farm is a backwoods “hollar” created in a long building ...
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Limber Up Kids

Limber up, kids! It takes a special skill to pump water down the little flumes (ok, troughs) in the Rubber Duck ...
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Pedal to the Metal

Petal To The Metal! That sounds like old moonshiners’ lingo for stomping the gas pedal down to the metal floorboards ...
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What in Tarnation

What in Tarnation! Who knows what this monster thing is? Well, sir — it’s a Candy Cannon. Yep. This big red ...
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Chicken Decor

Chickel Decor We are sure you’ll agree that eateries at Dewberry Farm have a real ambience. Rooster’s certainly has a rustic flair ...
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Wheels On The Bus

Wheels on the Bus! Go round and round! Well, on some buses they do, but not on our cuteness-overload photo ...
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New Stuff 2018

What's New in 2018? What’s New in 2018 We found this map tucked in one of Farmer Dewberry’s drawers and ...
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