Fresh Wreaths & Garlands

Fresh Wreaths

It’s a Dewberry Farm tradition to have special elves on hand during the Christmas season to make fresh wreaths, garland, and ornamental table arrangements — it all happens in the Wreath Barn!

A Little History

We discovered that  wreath is derived from a word that means twist in a circle! Christmas wreaths are traditionally made from evergreens, symbolizing strength. Christians use them to celebrate Advent — with candles. Wreaths are worn as crowns, laid on graves, used as door or table decorations, and are sometimes political symbols.

A Wide Selection

Our fresh handmade wreaths come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with or without bows or ornamentation. You choose! We also make an evergreen cross, and free-form “bouquets” of evergreens for a variety of uses. Prices vary.

Visit the Wreath Barn when you come to choose and cut a Christmas tree … and stay to DEW the LIGHTS!