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Are You Irish?

Easter is celebrated differently throughout the world. The variety of festivities and rituals far exceed hollow chocolate bunnies and colored eggs. Take Ireland, example.

Holy Week

Prior to the mid-19th century, Holy Week (the seven days prior to Easter including Good Friday) was a time of religious reflection and fasting. Families would dine only on black tea, dry bread and potatoes without any fuss (i.e. no butter or buttermilk). On Good Friday, a bit of salted herring would have been allowed along with bread made with a cross on top to represent Christ’s crucifixion. Hot Cross Buns are still a part of Good Friday tradition today.

Time to Feast  

Easter Sunday marked the end of Lent and was a day of feasting. The well-to-do dined on roasted lamb or chicken, but the majority of families celebrated with corned beef, a baked ham or boiled bacon with cabbage and potatoes (a fancy colcannon). Visit us on Pinterest for some seriously delicious Easter recipes!

Goodie Collections

Children celebrated Easter with the clúdóg, the tradition of calling on friends and family to collect eggs, potatoes, cake, butter, and milk. Children would then gather all their goodies and make their own feast.

Spring Fest at the Farm

Visit Dewberry Farm this Spring and start new and fun Easter traditions! Enjoy egg-citing egg hunts, Easter Bunny visits, cheeping chicks and 44+ things to Dew!

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