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Christmas | Cut-your-own Trees

Christmas Trees at Dewberry Farm

Take a wagon ride or ride on the Dewville Express Train to the “forest” on the back 40 acres. Search the Christmas Forest for the right tree. Cut your tree (we furnish the saw), or we cut it for you. Ride back to Santa’s Workshop for tree baling.

We’re proud of our Trees!

We grow several varieties of trees in our Christmas Forest — read more about them below. Tree heights in the 2018 season range from 5-feet to 13-feet.  Also, due to popular demand, we have about 300 Leylands and Murrays that are only lightly trimmed — we call them “wild” trees! The wild trees are stunning and priced in the same range as their trimmed counterparts.


A customer favorite! Leylands have a softer and fuller foliage than the Murrays but will also stay fresh for a long time if constantly kept in water. The Leylands have a light but a very fresh scent. Because of their weaker limb strength, heavier ornaments will need to be placed deeper into the tree or hung on the tree light wires. This year’s crop of Leylands are mostly in the 5-11 foot height.


Similar to Leylands in reduced allergy problems, they have even a greater ability to remain fresh for a long time.  The Murrays have a more open leaf texture than Leylands and have stronger limbs for holding your heavier ornaments. They also have a little darker green color than the Leylands and have more fragrance although still a light subtle fragrance. Murray tree height this year will range from 5-13 feet.

Blue Ice

A stunning silvery blue tree that is strikingly beautiful in the home setting. This variety has a stronger aromatic fragrance than the Murrays or Leylands but like the Murrays and Leylands, holds needles very well. This variety has the strongest limb strength of any variety sold on the Farm. The Blue Ice trees this season range from 5-9 foot height.

Good to know …

There is FREE admission to visit Dewberry Farm and choose-n-cut your Christmas tree, shop and eat!  There will be a fee to enjoy the activities.  We will offer 2 different options for passes to play on the activities.  Check back soon for prices.  Y’all come!

Trees are priced by type, height and quality.
We also have custom made wreaths!

2018 Dates & Hours

Black Friday Nov 23: 10am-5pm
Saturdays Nov 24, Dec 1, Dec 8, Dec 15: 10am-5pm
Sundays Nov 25, Dec 2, Dec 9, Dec 16: 11am-5pm

Fridays: Nov 30, Dec 7, Dec 14: 12-6pm, Tree Sales ONLY
(there will be no activities or concessions open on these Fridays)

2018 Tree Prices

All trees are tagged and priced individually by Farmer Dewberry.  Prices vary with tree height and quality.

Most of the Farm activities, but not all, will be open during the Tree Season.  Wristbands are available for purchase that allow access to the activities.  A $19.95 wristband includes all the activities that are open on the Farm during the tree season.  A $9.95 wristband includes 21 activities plus a choice of any 3 of the following activities: Apple cannon, Black Hole, Carousel, Climbing Wall, Train ride, Gemstones, Grasshopper, Jumping Pillows, Paintball Gallery, Slide Mountain, and Whizzers.  Individuals that buy a “Christmas Lights” wristband receive free admission to all the activities on the day of the Lights ticket purchase at any time the Farm is open that day for Trees or Lights.

Food  & Activities Available on Saturdays/Sundays and Black Friday Only

A large variety of food will be available including pizza, hamburgers, turkey legs, roasted corn, sausage on a stick, bbq, sweets, and much more!

While your tree is being processed (shaken to remove loose needles, etc), the kids can enjoy the fun activities that Dewberry Farm is famous for.  Parents can do a little Christmas shopping in the Country Store.

More Information

You may want to read some interesting Christmas Tree Facts and also look at the Tree Care Tips we’ve collected for you!

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Scheduled Field Trips for Tuesday, October 16, have been cancelled due to the rain already received, much cooler, windy weather and muddy grounds.