Honey and Bees

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey Bees and Pollination
There are many important food crops that require insect pollination in order to produce.  Although many different insects can pollinate crops; honey bees are the primary source of pollination of commerical crops.
Crops and Insect Pollination

In some areas with honey bee shortages bumble bees are being utilized for pollination.  Bumble bees are very effective pollinators but are not available in the numbers required to pollinate vast acres of crops.
The Bumble Bee – An alternative 

Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Keepers in Peril – New York Times, February 2007
Disappearing bees – The Colorado Tribune, March 2007
Bees vanish, and scientists Race for Reasons – The New York Times, April 2007

The United States Department of Agriculture is conducting research regarding (CCD) Colony Collaspe Disorder .
Colony Collaspe Disorder
CCD Reasearch Action Plan