Country Store



Take a journey back in time where you could find a little bit of everything all in one place, that’s the Dewberry Farm Country Store now at its new location, just inside the north entrance to the farm.

From not-so-common sauces and jams to decorative yard art. Children can take home a piece of the farm with old fashioned toys, T-shirts and stuffed animals. Whether it’s for holiday decoration, a gift or just a personal delight; you’ll find a whole lot of Texas at the Dewberry Farm Country Store.

Country Creations and Sweet Shop

Imagine the aroma of baked goodies right from the oven. That’s not your imagination—that
fresh aroma is coming from Country Creations at Dewberry Farm.

Leave your will power at home and indulge yourself in 16 delicious fudge flavors, fresh baked cookies and pies, and old fashioned candies. Will power always works better tomorrow!

‘Bee’ sure to pick up a bottle of “straight from the hive” unpasteurized Dewberry Farm Honey produced by local busy little bees. 

Many resources state that raw honey has wonderful medicinal qualities. There are claims that unpasteurized honey can be relief to those terrible Texas allergies, as well as sinus pressure and sore throats. Honey is naturally antiseptic, antifungal/antibacterial and it never spoils. Read more about Honey & Bees in the Dewberry Dispatch!