8 acres of corny fun …


Dewberry Farm has brought the upcoming election to the forefront with this design for the 2016 Fall season.  With the miles of trails cut into the maze, you are sure to have a great time trying to navigate the twists and turns in search of the exit.

A-Maze-ing Games
This year we have a Corn-cierge booth near the entry to the maze! Grab game sheets here and enjoy mind-bending fun as you find your way through the maze.


CORNundrums … huh? What are those?

Adding to the fun, we have “CORNnundrums” to tease you with! See if you can find all the signs of these word puzzles (around and near the maze) and ponder the answers with your friends. CORNundrums are signs with corny phrases, but you have to figure out what they mean; i.e., Honey Comb, Hog Tied, and ??? — but we’re not giving away ALL the answers!

Very Important Maze Rules!
Stay on the Paths (or the Corn Monsters will get your toes)!
No Picking the Corn.  No Throwing  Corn.

This is our 16th year as members of The MAiZE and we’re proud of our previous maze designs at Dewberry Farm. See photos on FlickR for previous maze designs and our guests’ adventures in the corn!