We have a LOT of FAQs

  1. How do I find the farm?
    Using Google Maps, Waze, Map Quest or your GPS, enter “FM 362 and Morrison Road Brookshire TX”. You can also click on “Find the Farm” at the bottom of the home page for a map and directions to the Farm.
  2. Why is Dewberry Farm only open in the Fall?
    It’s too HOT in the summer time and too cold in the winter time. We do open in April for school field trips and company parties.
  3. Why doesn’t Dewberry Farm have a one price, all-included admission?
    Many customers are happy with the included attractions and do not wish to pay a higher admission fee. Also, we have lots of senior visitors and couples with very young children that just will not or cannot participate in many of the extra attractions.  It’s just not fair to these customers to pay a higher all inclusive price. We do offer extra attraction packages, such as the Rascal’s Fun Pass, Checker’s More Fun Pass, Piggy’s A-Mazing Pass and Flying Ducks Dew-It-All Pass that include significant discounts.
  4. How does Dewberry Farm compare to other Houston area venues like the Space Center, Aquarium, Zoo, or the Children’s Museum?
    It’s a farm and it is in the country. We don’t have paved parking lots, paved paths, sidewalks or air conditioning. It can be dusty when the wind blows. The parking lot attendants are real cowboys riding real horses. The food venues are not fancy, There are always some bees and flies hanging around and the barnyard smells, well, like a barnyard. We are country and we like it that way (except maybe for the flies, bees and dust). We send ’em home tired and dirty!
  5. What is your outside food policy?
    We have changed our food policy.  We now allow outside food and non-alcoholic drinks.  However, we offer a large variety of food selections at the Farm at reasonable prices.
  6. Will our pets have to stay home?
    Yes, they will. We know Rover would have a blast here at the Farm but we don’t allow pets on the Farm for safety and sanitary reasons.
  7. Are you open to the public on weekdays?
    On weekdays we are not open to the general public. We are open on weekdays for school field trips, home school groups, mom’s and other groups. These groups must have at least 15 paying individuals in their group and have a confirmed reservation.
  8. What activities are included with the price of admission?
    Included activities are listed on our Hours + Tickets page.
  9. What are the extra attractions?
    Attractions that have a charge in addition to admission are listed on our Hours + Tickets page
  10. Do you offer rain checks?
    Yes, if rain, sleet, snow or hail makes normal activities impossible, a rain check will be given to all paying customers requesting them before leaving the farm.
  11. Is admission to the Farm free during the Christmas Tree season?
    Yes, admission is free starting the Friday after Thanksgiving. On weekends during the tree season, most of the activities and food selections are available.  Special activity wristbands are available for four all-day activities.  On weekdays during the tree season, the activities and food areas are closed.
  12. Is Santa at the Farm during Christmas Season?
    Santa will make an appearance at Dewberry Farm beginning the Saturday after Thanksgiving from Noon to 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays and 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Sundays.