Lotsa crunch


That’s what this is! Bags of our yummy kettle corn. You can grab bags at Papa Joe’s Kettle Corn to crunch-crunch on while you are having fun at the farm. But don’t be sad about having to leave at the end of a fun-filled day … we can send Kettle Corn home with you! This year, buy it at the Exit Barn by the Country Store.

Pretty as a Picture


But that’s what it is! Enjoy this lovely view of the bridge over Horse Shoo Lake and a few of our antique windmills in Windmill Park. This is Fall in South Texas at its best. 

Grade School Nostalgia


This photo of kids from Presbyterian Day School brings back a lot of fond memories to our trusty Web Diva, as it was her alma mater in Victoria, Texas about 60+ years ago. Sure looks like they are enjoying the field trip to Dewberry Farm, right?

A lonely goat


He’s enjoying the goat walk at Dewberry Farm — peering down the road and watching for the crowds to arrive for yet another fun Fall season. Or maybe he’s just lost in a day dream about being on a hike in the mountains?

Come out and feed our goats! They love attention from our visitors. We promise one thing: Your kids will love our kids!

Fantasy Face


What fun to have your face painted in some fanciful design like this — and how perfect it would be if it never washed off! Watch for face painting artists at the farm this Fall.