All Aboard


Well, maybe not yet. But it’s just a few days until we open for the Fall 2016 season and the DewVille Express Railroad will be huffing and puffing it’s way on a mile-long track that gives passengers a really good view of the farm!

This spells fun!


One of our many favorite photos taken by visitors to the farm! We think this little fella’s happy face was likely out on one of our jumping pillows? Hmmm … or was it? Who knows where this photo was taken on the farm?

Lighting Pumpkin Hollar


It’s quite a task for the FarmHands to light each of our 500+ carved pumpkins in Pumpkin Hollar. It’s quite an adventure to stroll through the dark and eery barn — owls blinking, scarecrows grinning, stars twinkling … and all of the beautiful lighted pumpkins!

Mustang Sally


That is the fanciful name that someone gave to our lovely old carousel that sits in the bend of Horse Shoo Lake. It seems like a fitting name for an old-fashioned merry-go-round like this. Ride, Sally, ride!

Just gorgeous —


OK, well — we were really talking about the teeshirt worn by a Dewberry FarmHand. Thinking the color is called caterpillar blood green and a nicer color we have  yet to see. It really shows off ole Rooty and Rascal’s tans. Wonder what color the FarmHand shirts will be in 2016?